Directions to the Office

Dr. Alexander is in the Meridian North Office Building, 10740 Meridian Avenue N., Suite 101.

Building Exterior

Directions from I-5 Northbound:

From I-5 northbound, exit at Northgate Way.

Turn left onto Northgate Way.

Turn left onto Meridian North.

The second building on the left is the Meridian North building. Because of traffic safety issues, it is best to pass the Meridian North Building, and turn left into the large parking lot just south of the Meridian North Building. Then circle the Meridian North Building, and park in the Meridian North parking lot.

(Alternate route: Dr. Alexander is several blocks North of North Seattle Community College. There are ways to get to North Seattle Community College that avoid the Northgate traffic. From the college, head north. Dr. Alexander is NOT in the Northwest Hospital/UWMC building. She is several blocks north of that building.)

Directions for Southbound I-5

Take the Northgate Way exit. The exit splits. Take the right-hand split. At the the intersection, DO NOT TURN RIGHT. Instead, go straight. McDonald's will be on your right, then the Kidney Center. Turn right at North 107th, then right on Meridian. (You are circling the block.) Turn into one of the parking lots, and find the small tan building that is the Meridian North Building.

Dr. Alexander is in Suite 101. There is no receptionist. Have a seat, and Dr. Alexander will come get you at your appointment time. She looks forward to meeting you!

(The restroom code is located on the glass window, next to the interior door.)

Phone: 206-729-2622. This almost always goes to voicemail. If you need help finding the office, follow voicemail instructions about connecting to Dr. Alexander’s cell.