Scheduling Your First Visit

Before calling for an appointment, please read this website’s home page (regarding conditions that I treat, and those that I do not treat) and the insurance and fees page.

If you would like an appointment, please call 206-729-2622, and (unless the message says that I am “full”) leave a voicemail with the following information:

If my practice is “open” to new patients, I will have at least some availability within four weeks (and often much sooner). Either I, Dr. Alexander, or my scheduling assistant, Cindy, will call you back within two business days. Before making an appointment, we will gather more information to determine whether my practice is likely to meet your needs.

If the voicemail says that my practice is full, we will not call you back unless I have an unexpected opening and you have left a message with contact and other information.

I open and close my practice frequently based on my availability for new patients. I prefer to do this rather than schedule appointments in the distant future. So if I am “full,” you are encouraged to seek a more timely appointment with another provider, but you are also welcome to call back and see if my practice has opened up.

The initial visit is a consultation, in the sense that I cannot promise to provide ongoing treatment until I have met you and personally assessed your needs. Please note: this is the policy you will encounter for every small private practice that I am aware of.

If you schedule an appointment:

Please bring the following things to your appointment:

Unless you are extremely close to the office and are very familiar with the area, please allow plenty of time to travel, deal with traffic, and arrive a few minutes early to your appointment. See the directions page.

Be sure you bring the completed forms to your visit. (If an appointment is made, you will be provided with an email contact, but do not email these forms back to me, as I do not use email for confidential information.)